Planning a wedding? It’s a big job, and while there will certainly be some things unique to your big day, a whole lot of other things are universal to nearly every wedding. These things deal with budget, logistics, and general “best planning practices,” and are easy to handle – if you’re aware of them early on.

Whether you’ve just started the planning process for your wedding, or you’ve only got a few short weeks left, take a moment to make sure you’re not making any of these 4 common wedding planning mistakes!

1. Wasting Money

When it comes to setting your budget, there’s a lot of advice out there from people who will profit from you following it. You’ve got to be careful where you spend your money – and be sure to avoid paying for thing you don’t need, like an excessively expensive wedding dress, or a limo when your ceremony and reception are at the same wedding venue.

It all boils down to knowing your budget – both what is, and what is not, in it.

2. Forgetting a Rain Plan

While this may only be relevant if you’re throwing an outdoor or destination wedding, you may be surprised at how many couples simply count on luck alone when it comes to the weather for their big day.

Even if you believe planning for rain will jinx your celebration – do it.

3. Not Providing Enough Info

No one likes to be confused, and your wedding guests won’t have the same prior experience visiting your venue as you do. Remember to offer suggestions on local activities and transportation.

And if you’re planning a destination or weekend long event, hand out itineraries so everyone knows where and when they’re supposed to be. Get this information out to your guests months before your wedding, especially if it’s in some far away land.

4. Sweating the Small Stuff

Something will undoubtedly go slightly askew.

The wedding party might show up late. A groomsman may forget the programs you spent a week writing by hand. A family member may insist on leading a conga line.

None of it matters!

Far too often couples get caught up in the details and lose focus. Your wedding day should be a celebration of your marriage, and it’s hard to be present and enjoy yourself when you’re worried that the flowers don’t quite match the bridesmaids’ hair and makeup.

Now that you’re confident you won’t make these 4 common mistakes, it’s time to get cracking! Planning even a small wedding is a big job. An experienced and knowledgeable wedding planner can help make sure you avoid each of these mistakes, and a whole lot more! Get in touch with the EPI-Events team today, and let’s get started planning your perfect big day!

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