Deciding to have a destination wedding can be one of the most exciting decisions you ever make! But it brings with it a unique set of stresses if you’re not sure what to expect. Throwing a destination wedding often means a more intimate ceremony, and something of a two-for-one wedding and honeymoon.

But, before you set sail for your personal paradise, there are a few important details you need to consider.

Location, Location, Location

Keep in mind that wherever you choose for your wedding location, it must have all the resources you need. That cute paradise village where you spent summers as a child simply won’t work if it has only one hotel and can’t accommodate all your guests.

Timing is Everything

Unfortunately, the best weather for a wedding ceremony in many popular destinations happens during tourist season. That means more crowds, fewer hotels and venues available, and higher costs all around. If you’re planning a wedding during this peak time, book your venue, hotel block, and vendors early!

Give Guests an Early Heads Up

When planning a destination wedding, it’s critical that you give you those on your guests list as much advanced notice as possible. That means sending out Save the Dates or a link to your wedding website at least 5 or 6 months before the big day, and invites going out 2-3 month before. Your friends and family will appreciate the extra time to make travel arrangement.

Factor in Unexpected Extras

If done right, a destination wedding can cost about the same as hosting your wedding day at home – maybe even less. That said, there are bound to be unexpected expenses you’ll need to factor in. These might include vendors and decor, gifts for guests, and travel costs for you, your family, and maybe a few vendors too. Make sure your budget is realistic and covers extra costs.

Pick Vendors Carefully

It’s always a good idea to vet your vendors carefully, but for a destination ceremony and reception, it’s critical. You’ll be leaving a lot in their hands, so it’s important that you trust them. It’s a good idea to make at least one planning trip to meet with your potential vendors beforehand. You might also bring trusted pros from home.

Visit the Venue in Person

If you have the time, and the means, you should plan a trip to visit your venue in person. Pictures can be misleading, and it can be a great help to put faces with the names you’ve been discussing details with for months.

Hire a Pro

If you’re set on a destination wedding, you should strongly consider hiring a wedding planner – especially one based in your chosen location. An experienced planner can help with everything from the wedding dress, to hair and makeup, and even crossing a language barrier.

So, you’re one of those couples who really wants the remote location and adventurous vibe for when you tie the knot! Before you jet off to a faraway land to marry your love, make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Need a little more advice or some help planning your destination wedding? Contact EPI Events today, and let’s make your special day unforgettable!

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