The holiday season may be little more than happy memories now, but here in Canada we’re just getting started with the winter wonderland! If frosty windows, gentle flurries, mulled wine, and cozy sweaters are your cup o’ tea, then a wintery wedding may be right up your (snow blanketed) alley!

Throwing a wedding during the colder parts of the year creates its own challenges. But it’s also an incredible opportunity to do something truly magical and unique.

Warm up to the idea with these winter wedding tips!


When planning a wedding during the winter months, it’s important to keep your guests’ comfort and experience in mind. Your guests will want to be warm! This might mean renting space heaters for large reception halls, keeping blankets on hand, or offering hot drinks like hot chocolate. Whatever the best option ends up being, you’ll want to keep potentially low temperatures or unruly weather in mind.

But your guests’ comfort shouldn’t be your only focus! If you’re planning on an outdoor wedding, or at least outdoor photos, you’ll want to carefully consider your own ensemble. Look for a wedding dress with long sleeves, a fabulous and warm wrap, or if you’re really going for glamour, a winter wedding cape to match your gown.

Give Plenty of Notice

Winter is often a busy – and expensive – time of year. When planning a wedding for the winter months you’ll need to keep your guests’ holiday commitments in mind. The best way to jump this hurdle is to get your Save the Dates out as early as you can. You’ll want to give your guests plenty of time to plan and budget for your big day.

But winter isn’t only busy for your guests – vendors are working hard too. There may be fewer weddings at this time of year, but the holiday season marks an incredibly busy time for the hospitality industry. Make sure you book your wedding venue, catering, bar, and entertainment early to get your first choice.

Timing is Everything

One of the challenges of a winter wedding is timing. After the winter equinox on December 21st, the light is lost after around 2:00 or 3:00 PM. This means you’ll need to be mindful of when you schedule your photos. The best way to handle this relatively small obstacle is to simply build time into your day to take wedding photos when the natural light is at its best.

This might mean an earlier ceremony, or perhaps photos before you say your vows.


And lighting isn’t just important for photos – it’s critical to build ambience. Winter lighting usually means dinner is served after sunset, which offers the perfect opportunity for a romantic, magical atmosphere. Don’t fight it! Instead try candlelight and fairy lights with warm white tones.

With a bit of careful consideration, and some well-thought-out planning, a winter wedding offers endless opportunities to create a unique, memorable, and stylish wedding day! Do something different that your guests will not only appreciate but will talk about for years to come.

For more wedding day inspiration, or to discuss the possibility of a winter wedding with our wedding planners, contact the team at EPI-Events today!

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