Planning the perfect wedding isn’t an easy task – especially without a professional wedding planner to help you. In fact, the help of a wedding planner can make everything a lot easier!

However, if you’re determined to plan your wedding on your own, be sure to use a detailed wedding checklist to make sure you hit each of those important milestones on time!

You’ll need to be patient as you start planning, and you can’t let the stress get to you as your big day approaches. Just keep your beautiful day in your mind, and remember that when it’s all over you’ll be married to the love of your life!

To help make sure you get everything just right, try following this simplified wedding planning checklist:


1. Define a budget for the wedding that you won’t exceed

No one likes deciding on a budget for their big day, but it’s an important part of the planning process. Decide what’s most important to you for your wedding day, and how it may impact your budget. For example, do you need to balance a large guest list with affordable food?

2. Choose a theme

It’s wedding idea time! Your personalities, sense of style, and tastes should be on full display here. Will you throw an elegant party? Perhaps you want a Caribbean theme? Will you have your ceremony indoors or out?

Feel free to express yourselves. Let your creativity shine through every aspect, from colours to décor and beyond!

3. Choose a venue and catering

Wedding venues’ bookings fills up fast – especially if you’re interested in the more popular locations. Popular caterers’ schedules also fill up quickly during the wedding season. Do your research, but don’t wait too long. Be sure to allow about 50-60% of your budget for these expenses.

4. The wedding dress

Finding the perfect dress is about as personal an experience as there is. Take your time to find your dream dress. But be sure to leave enough lead time for dress fittings and alterations!

5. Book your photographer, cameraman, DJ or band, & any other entertainment

Just like with the venue and caterer, these sorts of wedding vendors book early. Waiting too long will see your options shrink and leave you without your top choices.

6. Send invitations

Everything begins to take shape as you meet with your venders; everyone is ready to deliver your vision for a perfect wedding. That means it’s time to send out those wedding invitations!

7. Choose your flowers and decor

With your theme firmly in mind, it’s time to decide on your flowers and decorations! Create a continuity with your theme, colours and décor to build a stunning atmosphere.

8. Coordinate all the little details

As your big day arrives, it will feel like there are a million little things that need to be taken care of. From who’s holding the wedding bands, to final payments, and everything in between. Work with your friends, family, and wedding party to make sure each of those small details are taken care of!

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