It’s almost that time of the year again! Time to let your employees know just how much you appreciate all their hard work and celebrate the successes of the past year! So, instead of handing out gift certificates or candy canes, this year try something different – an office holiday party! Better than any gift ideas, a corporate holiday party can – and should – be an exciting and memorable event.

Amidst the wrapping paper, hot chocolate, and gingerbread houses, it can help boost your employees’ morale, help them build stronger bonds, and feel valued and appreciated.

Ideally, whatever sort of holiday office party you decide to throw, it should be removed from any of your company properties. That way your employees and their guests can disconnect from work and have some fun!

But if you’ve been throwing the same old office holiday event every year, it might be time to break out of your rut and try something new and exciting! That’s why we’ve got 5 great ideas for your next corporate holiday party, right here:

1. Tubing

Not everyone knows how to ski or snowboard, but anyone can sit in a tube! There’s no need to fight against the winter conditions when you can use them for some fun. And what’s more, you can end the evening with a warm dinner near your tubing location. All in all, this is a great way to release stress and have a ton of fun! Try places like Kitchener or Blue Mountain.

2. Retreat Day

Another out-of-the-box idea for a fun office party is a spa day with some outdoor activates. Nothing quite eliminates stress like a day of pampering! And like tubing, this sort of event can be topped off with a nice warm meal, and perhaps a firework show. You might also mix in a gift exchange or “secret Santa.” Try the Muskoka area for this sort of event.

3. Themed Costume Party

Who says costumes are just for Halloween? Break the mold with a holiday themed costume party! You can go with a spooky theme, but you certainly don’t have to. Ask your guests to arrive dressed as their favourite literary, television, or holiday character. The possibilities for holiday cheer are endless!

4. Game Night

Board- and table-top games have seen a recent surge in popularity, and as such, several themed bars and coffee shops have opened to meet the demand. Try Toronto’s Time Capsule Board Games Café & Bar, or Brew Wizards Board Game Café. Of course, a game night doesn’t just have to be board games – you could also go bowling or visit an adult video game arcade, like Dave & Buster’s.

5. Boat Cruise Dinner Party

Our final corporate holiday party idea is something you might not consider during the winter months – a boat cruise dinner. Though the cold weather keeps many people away from the waterfront, it also means demand and costs are lower. Most businesses running these kinds of cruises during the colder months operate boats with heated interiors, offering a cozy place for food and drinks. This makes it an ideal and often overlooked option.

No matter what sort of event you choose for your office holiday party, EPI Events is there to help you get each of the details just right! Are you in the market for an exciting way to show your employees how much you care this holiday season? Contact us today, and let’s start planning your holiday party now!

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