Planning a wedding isn’t easy, and planning a cheap wedding can be even more difficult.

Wedding costs can get expensive, with budgets doubling or tripling if you’re not careful. But that doesn’t mean you can’t plan an elegant wedding on a small budget. Bride and groom will just need to be willing to compromise and work hard.

Try these tips to tie the knot without tightening your belt.


The venue is easily one of the priciest items in your budget. Choosing a less expensive venue for your ceremony and reception is an excellent way to keep your budget down. You can also try to find venues that provide catering themselves, which accounts for another large portion of your budget. Another low-cost option for your big day is a space provided by family or friends, like a large garden or cottage.

You could also try working with a restaurant, as they are likely to charge less than the combined cost of a traditional venue and caterer. They also already have a waitstaff, so you can save on servers as well.


Another item on your budget with a big price tag is catering. In general, you have two options: buffet and seated dinner. Though the cost for both options will depend on the number of people on your guest list, buffet tends to be cheaper. There are several options for drinks, including a BYO option, or providing drinks yourself to save money.

If your food and drink budget is a little tight, consider asking guests to help out in place of a gift.

Wedding Dress

One great option to help keep your dress budget down is to shop online. Otherwise, seek out the sales! With a little hunting, you can find a gorgeous discount dress on sale, sometimes up to 70% off.

Flowers & Décor

Work with your greatest asset when it comes to the flowers and decorations: friends and family! You can create stunning flower bouquets on your own, or buy some gently-used second-hand decorations. Keep in mind that you can resell many of your own decorations, provided they aren’t damaged. Renting décor is also an option to consider, but this can become expensive quickly.

Need a little more advice to help keep your wedding budget from spiraling out of control? Contact us today, and let’s make your affordable wedding dreams come true!

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